“After weeks of trying to housebreak our 6 month old golden doodle, she would still have occasional accidentsl We tried using your “No-Go” housebreaking aid and found it to be very helpful. After one week of use, she has yet to
have another mishap.
-Ruth Goldman
Long Island, NY
“No-Scratch” is the only product I’ve found that keeps my 2 cats from clawing on my husband’s favorite chair. Thanks for your great product and saving my marriage!”
-Claudia Wilcox
Cleveland, Ohio
“I tried your “Herbal Rub” because I don’t like using chemicals on my 7 year old cocker spaniel that developed itching and sensitive, dry skin. “Herbal Rub” helped him right away. He hardly ever scratches himself and he seems to be more comfortable. “Herbal Rub” is good stuff.”
-Kevin Anderson
Sacramento, CA