Success Story #5 – We Like It, It Works, It’s Safe!

If you own a cat, it’s just as likely that the cat owns you. It’s hard to tell a cat what to do, especially when it comes to staying off of the furniture. Our No-Stay! was invented as a safe, harmless way to get your cat to stop jumping up where he doesn’t belong. Even better, the cat will think it was his idea! Here is a success story from Lili H.

I have two cats – Clyde who loves to sleep on the couch and the Noah who loves to pee where Clyde sleeps.

We just inherited a new sofa/love seat set… from another home with a cat. I used this spray and both of our cats stay away from / off the furniture.

I like that it has no humanly detectable scent.

It’s organic and derived form herbs… NO CONCERN about inhaling chemicals or exposing my bare legs OR allowing my toddler on to the couch with her bare skin.

All those other “stay off” sprays have harsh harsh chemicals that warn they are NOT SAFE for small animals and/or humans right on the back of the bottles. Why anyone would put those on their furniture is beyond me.

The ONLY downside that seems VERY logical to me is that I have to spray every couple of days The spray dissipates & the non-detectable scent needs to be refreshed. My cats are stubborn – this wont train ’em – but it sure keeps them off/away.

It works & it’s safe …what more do you need?

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