Success Story #4 – Could It Be a Miracle?

Sometimes our products take a few weeks to really prove their effect. Other times, they can work almost immediately! This looks to be the case with a customer who goes by reader9996.

First off – I am only on day 2 of trying this product. Could it be working this fast?? Here is our issue:

We inherited an elderly cat a few months ago (previous owner had died) and agreed to be this poor kitty’s “retirement home”. As we already had two cats, we tried our best to make all 3 a happy bunch. Unfortunately, this new cat developed either serious separation anxiety (ANY time we left the house, didn’t seem to matter how long) and/or territorial issues with another of our cats. Tensions rose, and new cat decided to pee everywhere, including the basement we are renovating, and could not be redirected.

What could we do? Allow the cat to destroy our house little by little with urine soaked floors? We had to confine her to a single room. We won’t abandon this cat to a shelter, and no one will adopt her as she is old and in beginning of kidney failure. So we sit with her periodically and try to keep her entertained with toys. Where the problem took a new turn is her anxiety went through the roof and she began to bellow at the door for hours on end. Heart-breaking.

So yesterday I tried this new spray. Is it my imagination? She cried so much less. Whereas before even when we came into the room she would cry out in hysterics, she is seemingly now content and relaxed. I’m enjoying the quiet of my house (tentatively) this morning.

I will update further as time passes to share if it continues to be a positive experience…

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