Success Story #3 – I Could Scream for Joy

Housebreaking can be frustrating, there’s no doubt about that. We created No-Go! to ease that process as much as possible. Here’s S. Savino’s story.

I have a non-neutered male Italian Greyhound who loves to mark inside our house as well as go outside. I have been so frustrated for over a year now, finally broke down and spent the $[…] it cost me in a Pet store and will be buying more.

He constantly urinated on the front cover of our 54″ TV speaker front and my curtains, the tail-end of comforters hanging over beds, whatever he could find. I am happy to say that anything with a more porous surface(cloth-like) when thoroughly washed and then sprayed thoroughly with the No-Go, I haven’t had an accident in over 2 weeks now. I’ve sprayed some wood surfaces, but that only lasted a week.

So, my recommendation is to definitely buy this, but wash things very thoroughly and then spray and any non-porous surfaces, you need to respray frequently.
I’m just so happy to not be washing my curtains and comforters and the speaker covers to my TV every other day that I could scream for JOY!!!!

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