Success Story #2 – No-Stress!

We have another success story we’d love to share today. This one comes from (screenname) chchcheckerhead, who was trying to find a way to diffuse a tense situation between newly acquainted kitties.

This has worked wonders for my cats! A little bit about my situation:

I had two bonded kittens (Bailey, thirteen months and Callie, fourteen months), but Callie passed away a little over a month ago. My kitty, Bailey, was beside herself, dejected, and depressed. Even before her depression she was a bit clingy and neurotic, and Callie’s absence made her even more so. I adopted another kitten (Moxie, 9 mos) in the hopes of a playmate (or at least a distraction) while I was at school finishing my finals. While they did not start outright fighting, they would hiss and did not really get along. I came home, and things got better, but Bailey still ignored Moxie, and had switched from being clingy to being very vocal and standoffish with me and my family.

In the hopes of finding SOMETHING to help my sad, depressed kitty, I looked into this spray. Though it may seem silly, it really works. Bailey was friendlier after the first night. While progress has been slow, there have been noticeable (and very heartening) differences in her attitude since I started using the spray last week. I believe the spray let her relax enough to start healing and enjoy Moxie’s company. They are doing much better now – they have started licking each other and all hissing has stopped.

While they say this spray (and other similar stress-relieving things) don’t work for all cats (I read somewhere they work for about 86%), it has really helped her. I do believe it is worth your time and money to try it if you have a neurotic or depressed cat.

PS. I gently shake the spray bottle (maybe it’s psychological but I think it works better if you do) and then spray very liberally in her sleeping basket, on the couch, and on our chair cushions. She normally will go take a nap, become very sleepy (slooow happy cat blinks), and “wake up” in about an hour or so. While there’s not necessarily an immediate difference after using, over days I have seen a very noticeable difference.  🙂

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