Success Story #1 – Never Thought I’d Be Writing This

At Pet Organics, we love feedback. Good, bad, or anything in between, it’s important to us to know what you think about our products, and your experiences with them on an individual level. With that in mind, we have decided to highlight some of our favorite success stories that we have seen over the years. Our community is incredibly important to us, and we hope these stories will invite you, too, to share your experience with us.

With that in mind, here is our first success story from L. Martinez, who was skeptical about No-Stress! at first glance, but ended up really loving it.

My cats are both over 2 yrs old, toilet trained and strictly indoor only. On a recent 8hr trip to a Pet friendly hotel on Mammoth Mountains I decided to go out on a limb and take my cats (just to see if they would enjoy their stay as well and use the toilet at the hotel haha) well I knew it would be a scary new experience for them so I visited my local Pet store and stumbled across this “Snake Oil” o[f] a product (or so that is what my mind was telling me) due to the fact that the pet store has a very good return and satisfaction policy I decided to go ahead and fork out the cash (AND the product is made with organic ingredients so why not?) I spritzed this all over the inside cabin of my boyfriend’s truck (where the cats would be exploring during our 8hr trip). Woo, the trip was a doozy but my cats seemed calm enough considering their predicament.

Upon arriving into our hotel room our cats were freaked out at all noises and the new environment… a couple hours later after I noticed they were not coming out from under the bed I decided to spray this stuff all over the hotel room (it doesn’t really smell like anything) I sprayed it rather heavily. After 30 minutes or so the cats were out and exploring the place much calmer than before (but crazy loud noises would still scare them, but that is expected as they normally are freaked out by things like that) well I kind of started to suspect that this stuff was working but not entirely confident of it at that point.

I used it on 2 separate occasions before reaching my 5 star conclusion. Second occasion was a horrible visit to the vet… my cat became seriously ill and I had to take him to the vet for intensive overnight care, he was hospitalized for about a week, and during that time I purchased some cheap hand towels and spritzed this stuff all over them and dropped them off in his little kennel at the emergency hospital he was staying at, I believe this made his stay slightly better since the lady told me he wasn’t very happy until after I visited him (and that was the same time I dropped off the towels).

My female cat was stressed out and freaked out looking for her housemate while he was hospitalized, she would not shut up and was non-stop crying and running around the home looking for her friend… this was VERY sad. Well… shortly after I sprayed this stuff around her favorite spots she calmed down a whole lot and became more loving and affectionate. Strange… I thought it was just something in my head but hey all those times it worked so I kept the bottle nearby.

A few weeks ago my co-worker lost one of her two cats to a horrible car accident (one of her cats was hit by a car)… she told me that the other cat was never the same.. he had been depressed and disinterested in food ever since his mate was killed and he was non-stop crying. She said she didn’t know what to do about it and was even thinking about re-homing him (poor cat) I immediately ran to my car (where I keep my bottle of this stuff for just in case I need to make a emergency vet visit for my cats) and grabbed the bottle (now there was about 1/4 of the bottle left) and told her to take it and to try it, I told her all the good it seemed to do for my cats and was hoping it would help her out, this was on a Friday. Over the weekend she tried it, when I saw her again on Monday she approached me and told me “You know that stuff you gave me? I think it actually worked, my cat has been much calmer and eats and wants to hang out with us more now” she told me that it is when her cat goes outdoors that he goes back to being kind of crazy… I think it’s because he misses his friend and the outdoors smells like him (very sad) but she said that when her cat was indoors and they spritzed that stuff around he was much much calmer and happier.

That is the reason I rated this product 5 stars is because it was not just due to my “freak” experiences but apparently it worked for my co-worker as well. I will be purchasing this stuff again when I feel I need it. If you have a new cat or expose your cat to a new experience I recommend you give this a shot to help ease the experience.

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