No-Mark – Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! This product is life changing. As soon as I sprayed it in the problem areas, my kitten sniffed at it and then did not poop in these areas again. I have been at a loss. I have two litter boxes that i keep insanely clean. And at times, one of the kittens kept going in corners of the bathroom. I now believe that she was marking her territory from the other kitten. Now that she is no longer pooping on the floor, my other kitten will go in the bathroom again while we are in there. In addition, the two kittens seem to be getting along better. This product had instant results. I am so so relieved…. as I have been spending so much money on weewee pads to place in these corners. I even considered giving this kitten away because she just wouldn’t stop, the mess and smell were overwhelming. Then I sprayed this product and my problems were instantly solved. Thank you to this product for fixing my problem. Best buy ever. Highly recommend.