Nala Barry Labs – Established 1962

Nala Barry Labs is a manufacturer of training aid sprays and products for pets. Our products are uniquely designed for dogs and cats to treat a variety of behaviors. If you’re in need of a healthy, effective alternative to harsh sprays that are safe for you and your pet—well, we’ve got you covered.

Nala Barry Lab’s Training Aid Sprays are our best-selling products. Our NO-GO! housebreaking aid for dogs teaches your pup where he can or can’t go, ensuring a hygienic environment for all. Our No-Scratch! for cats helps protect furniture by discouraging cats from scratching the treated surface. No-Stay! for cats and dogs helps facilitate where your pet is allowed and is not when it comes to places they shouldn’t be. No-Dig! for dogs prevents excess digging in flower beds and other outdoor areas. Cats marking their territory is always a challenge, which is why No-Mark! for cats teaches them not to spray or mark their territory, while No-Stress! reduces anxiety and stress in felines struggling with excess nervousness. Our sprays run the gamut in terms of their purpose, yet they have the same absolute guarantee.

Our Pet Organics line is safe to use with your pets and your environment, so you can rest assured everyone is protected. With all of the joy that pets bring, why be distracted by the pesky problems that come along with them? Check out our high-quality products today for a healthier, well-behaved pet—not to mention a happier you!