Nala Barry Laboratories – Established 1962

Nala Barry Laboratories is a manufacturer of all-natural products for you and your pets. With products uniquely designed for dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles, we have you covered!

Nala Barry Lab’s Training Aid Sprays, our best-selling products, protect your carpet and furniture from scratching, marking, and spraying. No-Dig! for Dogs keeps your backyard tidy too. If you can’t get that lingering pet smell out of your house, try our Odor Control products which include deodorizer sprays for your pet and training aids to protect your furniture. With our herbal rubs and sprays that relieve itching, scratching, and biting, every pet will feel comfortable and happy. Finally, if your cat (and you) are in need of some entertainment, look no further than our Catnip Spray!

Our Pet Organics line is safe to use with no harsh chemicals, so your furry friend will be protected. With all of the joy that pets bring, why be distracted with the pesky problems that come along with them? Check out our high-quality products today for a healthier, well-behaved pet, and a happier you!