No-Scratch – Great Scratching Deterrent and Peacemaker. This was recommended by a friend who said it worked for all but 1 of her cats, so it may not work for every cat. However, with my 2 it works great! I sprayed all their usual scratch areas, and they immediately smelled to investigate. Since I sprayed a week ago, they have not ONCE scratched in those areas. They still climb on the furniture in question, so it isn’t a repellent, but the territorial scratching behavior is completely gone. Furthermore, they seem to be getting along a lot better since the spraying. One cat used to dominate the other, but now they are getting along much better, and the timid cat doesn’t seem so afraid! I think the scratch zones were creating a hostile/territorial environment where they were both feeling stressed, and that has basically vanished. Also, this stuff has no smell to humans and has no chemicals. Highly recommended!