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Nala Barry Labs manufactures safe, quality and affordable pet training aid sprays. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our products run the gamut in terms of behavior modification, whether it’s our top-selling NO-GO! for dogs or No-SCRATCH! for cats. Our Pet Organics line is safe and easy to use, guaranteeing maximum efficiency without forgoing safety. Check out our high-quality products today for a healthier, well-behaved pet—not to mention a happier you!



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Success Stories

No-Mark – Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! This product is life changing. As soon as I sprayed it in the problem areas, my kitten sniffed at it and then did not poop in these areas again. I have been at a loss. I have two litter boxes that i keep insanely clean. And at times, one of the kittens kept going in corners of the bathroom. I now believe that she was marking her territory from the other kitten. Now that she is no longer pooping on the floor, my other kitten will go in the bathroom again while we are in there. In addition, the two kittens seem to be getting along better. This product had instant results. I am so so relieved…. as I have been spending so much money on weewee pads to place in these corners. I even considered giving this kitten away because she just wouldn’t stop, the mess and smell were overwhelming. Then I sprayed this product and my problems were instantly solved. Thank you to this product for fixing my problem. Best buy ever. Highly recommend.


No-Go works like a charm. I recently adopted a 4 year old pug. His previous owners left him tied up outside all day long. Consequently he had no concept of potty training. I struggled for weeks until I discovered No-Go. Finally the little guy has stopped wetting the perimeter of my couches and pooping on my throw rug. I will say that I have to spray it down every morning before I leave for work to keep it fresh. But it really works! Finally I’m coming home to a fresh smelling apartment and a well behaved dog.


No-Go absolutely works. Bought this product and the natures Miracle Pet Block at the same time. Great results with this product. My three dogs stopped urinating on my carpet! Ran out and used the Pet Block with not so good results. I do have to spray the area every day but totally worth it! Ordered 3 bottles this time so I will not run out.


No-Go – Very Good Product! I would spray just a mist over the areas of carpet in my bedroom to protect from my new dog doing his business at night (when he just couldn’t get outside). It worked 100% as claimed!! It really is an excellent tool to help in puppy training. Would recommend to any pet owner! 🙂


No-Go – LIFESAVER! Our new puppy was terrible with housebreaking at first–with this stuff, she immediately picked up on NO RUGS and was SO much better within just a couple days. I was so relieved. We’re still not perfect, but I am happy that my rugs will survive and for the extra oomph with the training.


No-Go a must for puppies… I love this product. It is important to clean the rug completely before spraying. I used this when my dog was a puppy and he never went back to a sprayed area. Also, he was trained very quickly without any problems. Fast forward ten years, his older sister came for a visit and apparently cannot hold her bladder very well. Cleaned the spots and sprayed the No-Go. Next time she came over she just walked around the room and sat in the center not knowing what to do. Perfect (for me, anyway). Works like a charm.


No-Go – Wow!!!!! I mean wow. We have tried EVERYTHING to get get the urine smell out of our carpet and couch. Our 2 male dogs would literally have peeing contests when we go to bed at night. We have tried every expensive carpet treatment out there to no avail. But this stuff actually worked. We can’t believe it. They still pee from time to time not but we can’t believe that we even get nights off. Amazing.


No-Scratch – Great Scratching Deterrent and Peacemaker. This was recommended by a friend who said it worked for all but 1 of her cats, so it may not work for every cat. However, with my 2 it works great! I sprayed all their usual scratch areas, and they immediately smelled to investigate. Since I sprayed a week ago, they have not ONCE scratched in those areas. They still climb on the furniture in question, so it isn’t a repellent, but the territorial scratching behavior is completely gone. Furthermore, they seem to be getting along a lot better since the spraying. One cat used to dominate the other, but now they are getting along much better, and the timid cat doesn’t seem so afraid! I think the scratch zones were creating a hostile/territorial environment where they were both feeling stressed, and that has basically vanished. Also, this stuff has no smell to humans and has no chemicals. Highly recommended!


No-Scratch led to no scratching. My cat was having a big problem with scratching up my stairs and ruining the carpet there. When I went to the store, I saw this spray, and the woman working there recommended it. I sprayed the stairs, and I’ve been spraying it every week, and he hasn’t touched them! In fact, I haven’t done it and it “wore off” a week ago, but he still has stayed away from it. I used to catch him at it several times a day, and now I’ve only caught him once in the past 2 or 3 weeks. He’s just as comfortable walking up and down the stairs, and even relaxing on them, but he just has stopped scratching. It may not work for every cat or every situation, but it certainly helped us.

S. Bean

No-Scratch really does keep the cats from clawing at the furniture! I have an old couch and loveseat that I don’t want to get rid of since I have two cats with claws. I don’t like the idea of de-clawing them and got away from spraying them with water or ”shooshing” them. I purchased new covers for the furniture so they looked new and didn’t want the clawing to rip up the covers like the couches. Wow!! What a great product. I sprayed all corners and even the old recliner. So far I don’t see or hear them clawing at the furniture. You do have to keep up with the re-spraying every week though as it seems to wear off. It works for me any way.

Audry F.

I have tried sprays, plugins and collars and nothing has worked, until I used No-Mark , I use this with the No-Stress spray and my cats are calm, much less hissing and fighting and no more marking…except for the occasional age related accident…thank you I will be reordering soon.

Terry W.

No-Mark works. I was skeptical. My cat had been spraying in the house 3 times a day for oh, about a year. We’ve had it. He always has an issue whether its with a neighbor cat taunting him from outside, or we don’t move fast enough to give him his treats. But we spray this all over the house and he’s fine. It worked from the first spray. We now buy a bottle every 2 weeks because its cheaper than replacing furniture. Also, it smells good, not chemical or anything and doesn’t leave a stain if i spray it on my couch. I think you have to try it to believe it! I’m going to buy stock in this.


No-Mark – Big difference. I have six cats. Inevitably there are some squabbles and our most nervous, ex-feral kitty responds by marking. When I use this product on our bed, in the corners etc. everyone seems to calm down and the marking stops.


No-Mark Definitely Works! I was skeptical but desperate and willing to try anything to stop the most undesirable of all cat behaviors. This stuff really works. You have to follow the directions and spray popular areas twice a day for at least a week, then once a day after that, but it’s worth the effort to solve the problem.

Betsi S.

After weeks of trying to housebreak our 6 month old golden doodle, she would still have occasional accidents We tried using your “No-Go” housebreaking aid and found it to be very helpful. After one week of use, she has yet to have another mishap.

Ruth G.

No-Dig Works! This worked great with my dogs! They stopped digging in the holes I sprayed but just stared digging somewhere else. Does what it says it does. I sprayed every 3 or 4 days.


No-Dig – Hurray, the deck is saved! Our standard Poodle immediately stopped digging and gave us a dirty look when she got a whiff of this stuff! It does need to be reapplied after rainy weather, though. Otherwise, it is an excellent training tool.


No-Stress is amazing. I have a female cat who is very high strung and wets around the litter box whenever she’s stressed (strangers in the house, or if we’re gone for a long period of time). I bought this product & spray it around the litter box after every daily cleaning. No more inappropriate wetting!


No-Stress is awesome. Had used other very expensive stress reducing products to transport our pets over the years. Nothing worked like No-Stress. Took our cat from VA to FL last Jan and he howled all the way down. We made the trip in one day, 13 hours. A relative recommended No-Stress, bought it through Amazon and used it for the return trip from FL to VA in Mar. Only one little peep out him all the way to VA. Highly recommend this product!


No-Stress is amazing. My cat has been overly licking her belly and inner legs for years – to the extent that she looked like a raw chicken. The vet was about to put her on prozac or something along those lines when I thought to try this just in case. Within a few weeks the fur was growing back well and now she has a nice furry tummy. The instructions say to spray twice daily, I found once did the trick. I spray it wherever my cats like to sleep.


I have 2 cats that pee due to anxiety. We’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the vet on expensive testing and medication including valium and fluoxetine and have fought this battle for 6 years. Nothing worked. We tried everything Feline related – it didn’t work. We tried essential oils – it didn’t work. I bought this stuff knowing it wouldn’t work because nothing else has, but why not try? I sprayed the furniture, floors and everything else and even put some on their collars. They stopped peeing and are calm. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and am stunned and mystified that it actually works. I wish I tried this years ago as it would have saved me quite a lot of money and my sanity!

Lisa M.

I got No-Mark to try as as a last resort for our 15 year old cat who suddenly started spray marking areas in our house with pee. (A neighbor’s cat hangs around at the windows occasionally and our kitty doesn’t like it.) I have used other products that eliminate with urine odor and help stop spraying – both worked ok sort of, at least to kill the odor, but our cat did spray again. Someone suggested this so I thought I’d give it a try. So far, it seems to be working. It’s been a month with no spraying issues at all. And, our cat does appear to be a bit calmer and friendlier than he was. I am a happy camper.


No-Stress Absolutely Fabulous! I have three cats,one female 11 years old and two males- one 6 and the other 5 . I believe the male cats feel they are playing but behavior is very aggressive. My female does not want to play anymore but the boys keep attacking her, especially, right after she uses the litter box. It was a miracle! I believe there was a change after the first day. I would recommend this to any one who has aggressive issues. My house is so calm and peaceful now I can’t believe it. This is truly a great product.


I have 3 small dogs and when one marks the others follow. Reading the directions on No-Go! is a vital part in the success of this product. It says it will last up to a week before re-applying… I have sprayed it in all the infamous favorite spots for peeing and it has proven to be a success. I am on my way to purchasing more.


I’ve tried many products to break my 2 stubborn dachshunds to stop using the laundry room area as their restroom. Later they decided to use the patio area so I sprayed that area with No-Go! and immediately, it worked! I love this stuff!


Thank goodness for “No-Go!” We adopted a two year old Weimeraner who kept urinating in the same spot that our 3 year old Black Lab did when we first got him. I guess his smell was still there! Nothing worked and my husband was at his breaking point. We bought this product out of desperation. Before spraying, he had been urinating every single night. It’s been 10 days since spraying and no messes!


I purchased the No-Go Housebreaking Aid last month and so far good results! At first, my puppy didn’t know what it was so when I sprayed it he was hesitant to even GO BACK to that area (even not to do his duty). Overall great product and good results!


“No-Scratch” is the only product I’ve found that keeps my 2 cats from clawing on my husband’s favorite chair. Thanks for your great product and saving my marriage!

Claudia W.