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Success Stories

After weeks of trying to housebreak our 6 month old golden doodle, she would still have occasional accidents We tried using your “No-Go” housebreaking aid and found it to be very helpful. After one week of use, she has yet to have another mishap.

Ruth G.

“No-Scratch” is the only product I’ve found that keeps my 2 cats from clawing on my husband’s favorite chair. Thanks for your great product and saving my marriage!

Claudia W.

I purchased the No-Go Housebreaking Aid last month and so far good results! At first, my puppy didn’t know what it was so when I sprayed it he was hesitant to even GO BACK to that area (even not to do his duty). Overall great product and good results!


Thank goodness for “No-Go!” We adopted a two year old Weimeraner who kept urinating in the same spot that our 3 year old Black Lab did when we first got him. I guess his smell was still there! Nothing worked and my husband was at his breaking point. We bought this product out of desperation. Before spraying, he had been urinating every single night. It’s been 10 days since spraying and no messes!


I’ve tried many products to break my 2 stubborn dachshunds to stop using the laundry room area as their restroom. Later they decided to use the patio area so I sprayed that area with No-Go! and immediately, it worked! I love this stuff!


I have 3 small dogs and when one marks the others follow. Reading the directions on No-Go! is a vital part in the success of this product. It says it will last up to a week before re-applying… I have sprayed it in all the infamous favorite spots for peeing and it has proven to be a success. I am on my way to purchasing more.